Backbending Workshop

Umm Suqeim | Saturday, March 23rd | 1:0pm-3:00pm

AED 185 with Laura Farrier
This workshop covers a variety of warm ups, openers as well as common asanas. Broken down and explained to provide practioneers with a greater understanding of their backbending practice, both physically and beyond. Backbending, or rather full body bending is an integral part of any asana practice. In a backbend focused class we will look at various poses and explore how to come into them both safely and mindfully. With particular attention focused on the yogic breath we will create comfort and control in all backbends. We will also consider the importance of opening the middle and upper back as opposed to just the lower back, which is where many of us feel strain or discomfort in our practice. Essentially the goal of the class is value the health and integrity of your body. We will do this by highlighting  the primary function of the pose—the opening—rather than just the final shape. Click here to sign up now.

Strong Glutes

Media City | Saturday, April13th | 2:30pm-4:00pm

Everyone loves a firm, round, toned butt ….. but how do you get one? What physical benefits are there? What exercises should you do and how long will it take?

This 90 minute workshop will answer these questions & take you through a sequence of postures & exercises that will strengthen, tone & stretch the three main gluteus muscles.  Sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time tends to weaken muscles & weakened muscles often become tight – the benefit of strong glutes transmits to many other areas of your body including improving your posture, comfort in your back, alleviating sciatic pain & assisting balance.  By the end of the session you will be motivated to create your own regular glute strengthening and stretching routine, both from the knowledge you will have picked up & from the handout you’ll receive at the end of the session. Click here to sign up now.


Hips & Hamstrings

Umm Suqeim | Saturday, April20th | 1:00pm-3:00pm

AED 185 with Laura Farrier
This workshop is designed to strengthen and release all those muscles that are strained, pushed and tightened as you run, cycle, workout or sit for long periods. Here we will explore how to cultivate a greater range of motion and strength in key areas of the body: IT band, spine, hamstrings and hips. This will not only help to improve the flexibility and strength of your hips and hamstrings, but it will also help alleviate lower back pain and improve posture.We will go deep into those hips and hamstrings with a creatively sequenced flow and some slower static holds using props to help us lengthen and strengthen the muscles and fascia of the lower body.
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