40 Hour Yin Yoga Teachers Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (40 Hours)

Early Bird Price 4200 + VAT

This 40 hour program will be running from
10am – 5pm over the following dates.

There will be an hour each day for lunch.
As mentioned, there will also be some home study.

April 20th – May 5th | Every Weekend
Friday & Saturday April 20 & 21
Friday & Saturday April 27 & 28
Friday & Saturday May 4 & 5

Zen Yoga invites you for a six day, 40 hour immersion into a Yin Yoga teacher training programme that is registered with Yoga Alliance. Though this course counts as continued education for registered Yoga Alliance teachers, we welcome those who simply wish to gift themselves the opportunity of deepening their own practice through advancing their knowledge of this healing and balancing practice. The training will cover approximately 24 Yin Yoga postures, highlighting not only how the physical structure of the body can be anatomically supported through the use of props, but also how the subtle and emotional body can be assisted. The use of pranayama, visualisation and meditation as tools to deepen the practice will also be explored given that they play an integral role in the mind body balance. The majority of the course will be a series of lectures and physical asana practice with the lead teacher spread across three weekends. There will also be anatomical talks by a yoga practicing physiotherapist, Yin Yoga teaching practice to put your study into action, a requirement to attend 5x Yin Yoga classes outside of the course hours and home study.

Upon completion of this course, each participant will receive a certificate enabling them to teach Yin Yoga (if they are already a RYT) but perhaps more importantly have a platform from which they can deepen their own practice and have the ability to see a reflection off the mat within their daily lives.

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