Meditaiton & Pranayama Training

50 Hour Pranayama & Meditation Teacher Training

Early Bird Price | AED 3,500 before May 1st, 2020
Full Price | AED 4,000 after May 1st, 2020

Weekday Format
June 1st – June 15th
Sunday- Thursday

9:00am – 1:30pm



Our advanced pranayama & meditation training program takes you on a spiritual journey within the subtler realms of the system. Recognized as the true core of our yoga practice, our training program will introduce you the different types of meditation techniques. It will also offer advanced pranayama methods which will beautifully weave together with meditation to offer a broad experience of adaption to an internal peaceful state. 


  • Learn how to use asana, breath and pranayama to affect the quality of  your energy
  • Learn about the nature of the 4 parts of the breath
  • Understand the Pancha kosha vital sheaths
  • Connect the application of mantra in Pranayama 
  • Essential Mudras and Bandhas for Pranayama
  • Esoteric anatomy including nadis and chakras 
  • Physiology & Mechanics of breathing
  • Practical & theoretical understanding of different types of meditation 
  • Gain practical knowledge regarding meditation and the structure and laws that govern the mind
  • Understand how to create practices for yourself and others that are breath and energy focused
  • Develop a zestful and engaging teaching persona to allow you to share the skills you have learned and train with confidence and maturity
  • Become an accomplished teacher to guide groups & individuals to a deep understanding and capable level of practice

Open to all. Not limited to only teachers however only 200 RYT teachers will be issued a certificate to teach other get certificate of participation until they completion of a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Training

We understand that you may miss a theory lecture class; in which case you must register for a make up class and we can schedule in a best suited time. The class will be taught by me, irrespective of the subject teacher. These are only applicable for the theory classes missed.

  • 1-hour private = 1-4 hours of missed theory class time = AED 400
  • 1.5 hour private = 5-6 hours of missed theory class time = AED 600
  • 2-hour private = 7-8 hours of missed theory class time = AED 750

Training Location
Zen Yoga Media City
BBC Building
Ground Floor, UAE

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