Studio Etiquette

Zen Yoga operates a welcoming studio environment in which to practise yoga and pilates and hopes that the following requests will help the studio run efficiently for your comfort and ours.

  • Please arrive at least 5 – 10 minutes BEFORE your session is due to commence. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter. If you are booked for a class and are going to be late, please call ahead and let the receptionists know. If you are not there 5 minutes before the class starts or in the room at the start time, your space will be given to someone on the waiting list.
  • All members who pre-book classes but do not cancel 2 hours before or attend the class will be charged the full amount for that class.
  • If a class is being undertaken whilst you arrive please respect other clients and wait patiently and quietly in the reception area.
  • Ensure appropriate clothing is worn during your sessions for your own comfort, those around you and the instructor. Fitted clothing that allows you to move with ease and safety is suitable especially when working on the pilates equipment.
  • Zen Yoga is a company based on mutual respect for others. We ask that when you enter our studios, you adopt this same philosophy. When you enter a yoga or pilates class, you sign on to “respect” the teacher for the next hour (and a half). The same goes for our reception staff. They are our most valuable assets and we wish that you treat them with respect and humility at all times.
  • Keep in mind the level of the class you are attending. Do not attend an Intermediate, Mixed or Advanced Yoga or Pilates classes if you are a beginner.
  • Personal hygiene should be at a good level for both instructors and clients – this is to include feet!.
  • When you have finished your workout please use the steriliser that we provide, to wipe down the mat and /or equipment you have been using before leaving the studio.
  • When you have finished your workout please return ALL the equipment that you have used. Zen Yoga does not “loan” equipment to members or Instructors. Removing equipment from the studio without permission is not only inconsiderate to fellow members but is theft.
  • All “members” can keep track of their packages via our online booking system at When you reach your last class, and wish to attend ‘Member’s Only’ classes, please be aware that you must buy another package when you next visit the studio.
  • Should you have any concerns regarding your practise, the running of the studio or questions regarding payment please refer directly to our managers.

A Few Tips

  • Do not eat a heavy meal before your class.
  • Bring a small water bottle, towel and mat for your comfort. Personal blocks and straps are welcomed but Zen Yoga accepts no responsibility for lost items.
  • Socks, preferably with a grip, can be worn.
Refurbished Locker
Refurbished Locker

In our endeavour to provide you with the best quality service and environment, we would like to let everyone know that as of 1st December, 2011 we will have all lockers in our changing room refurbished…

Welcoming studio environment
Welcoming studio environment
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