Intentional Assist Workshop

Umm Suqeim | Saturday, March 14th | 1:00pm-4:30pm

AED 350 with Melissa Ghattas
To support, guide & communicate through touch is truly a beautiful gift that we as teachers can give to our students. Assisting comes from our own intuitive intelligence, clear intentions & knowledge of the body. This workshop is open to all teachers who would like to learn the art of hands on assists. To feel empowered & confident with touch comes from learning, practice & an inquisitive heart. There is NOT a one size fits all, this is yoga. It is a practice of mind, body & spirit. In the first modules of this series, we will  explore all the facets of a safe & intelligent way to assist. With over 10 years of teaching one to one private classes & group classes, Melissa has developed an approach that stems from an integrated practice of ashtanga vinyasa, modern day yoga, yin yoga & thai yoga massage. Her insignia, “Yoga is a moving meditation. The breath is a bridge between the body & spirit – a gateway to the present moment”.
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Yoga Core Workshop

Umm Suqeim | Saturday, March 21st | 1:o0pm-3:00pm

AED185 with Laura Farrier
Vinyasa means to move with breath but how many of us are correctly using the transitions to build heat & re-align the spine? Learning the techniques of how to ‘jump through’ and ‘jump back’ is crucial to building more strength & stability in our asana practice later helping us to build the core strength needed for more advanced postures like handstand. Create both stability & ease in your practice using the bandhas, breath & movement together to create both stability & ease in your practice. Students will explore exercises & drills to build the strength needed for inversions, arm balances & common transitions. Laura completed her first teacher training at a Sivananda ashram in 2008 & in June 2011 she completed her second training with Ajay Kumar. She has studied Pranayama & Mudra with BNS Iyengar & practices with Stewart Gilchrist. She returns yearly to India continue her evolvement. 
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Intro to Vinyasa

Media City | April 4th | 12:30pm-2:30pm

AED 185 with Laura Farrier
Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga that links breath with movement in an effort to unite body and mind in a flowing state of joyful presence. Whether you’re newer to the practice of vinyasa or feel like you need a refresh and a re-grounding in the basics, this workshop will help you examine the concept and roots of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  We will explore this with an overview of the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga yoga, an indepth look at the role of ujayi breath and drishti, common alignment issues, and finally a Flow practice, all of which will allow you to achieve deeper mediative state and get the most out of your practice! Laura completed her first teacher training in India in 2008 and in June of 2011 she completed her second training with her teacher Ajay Kumar. She’s studied Pranayama & Mudra with BNS Iyengar & practices with Stewart Gilchrist when in London.Returning yearly to India to continue her evolvement; practicing & assisting Ajay.
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Assisting Workshop Level 2

Umm Suqeim | April 10th | 1:00pm-3:00pm

AED 225 with Dina Ghandour
If you are seasoned yoga instructor looking to refresh & regain confidence in working with your students through compassionate hands on assists, supportive adjustments & intuitive touch then this level 2 workshop is great for you. We will begin with a refresh on the the fundamental theory of working with assists – appreciating each individual as a unique being with a unique body – and then move into practicing adjustments of more advanced postures including balancing poses, peak poses, backbends & inversions. This is where you have the time & space with a non judgmental community to get comfortable & confident in finding your perfect touch. Open to yoga teachers with 3 + years teaching or those who previously completed DINA’S level 1 workshop.
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